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BBQ Branding Irons

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"BBQ Branding Irons from Texas Irons - make a name for yourself".

Impress the guests and have a lot of fun with your own BBQ branding iron from Texas Irons.

Made from high quality, food grade stainless steel, with large, sand-cast letters, these premium irons leave all others in their wake.

Fast heating, simple to use and easy to clean! Perfect for branding steak; chicken breasts; rissoles; bread rolls straight from the hotplate.

A personalised BBQ branding irons makes an inexpensive and unique birthday, Christmas, Father's Day, or "Thank You" gift for the BBQ fanatic in your life.

See a demo of the Texas Irons range featured on Good Morning America

Beware of Small Print

There are lots of branding irons available on the Internet but they are not all equal.

A BBQ branding iron has 3 critical elements to ensure you get maximum enjoyment and use:

  • readability
  • heat properties and
  • longevity.

Our 2cm, stainless steel letters are as big as Texas! Compare them with the puny, aluminium alloy efforts of some others.

Each Texas Iron letter is 6mm deep (twice the depth of some other brands) to leave a clear, readable impression and won't peel or break.

Our "Heatbacker" letters and the Branding Iron frame are made from Type 304 stainless steel, the material of choice for food processing applications. Not only is it corrosion resistant but it has superb heat qualities.

Our irons can be exposed directly to your BBQ heat source (flame or charcoal) so they heat faster, won't warp and retain their branding temperature for longer.

Don't be disappointed! Texas Irons have been making and backing these branding irons in the US since 1998 and they are stocked by reputable retailers like Wal-mart and K-mart.

If you have purchased an inferior branding iron and were disappointed, click here for a special offer.

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