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Unique BBQ gifts and accessories are our passion.

If you are looking for a unique BBQ gift for yourself, your dad or a friend, we've got you covered.

Charcool specialises in premium BBQ gifts and novelties from reputable local and overseas suppliers so you can be sure your gift is the highest quality and great value.

Browse around, you wont find these great products elsewhere! BBQ Branding Irons, Sausage Blokes and Dad's special BBQ Tongs. They are all here and at great prices.

The current Charcool product range includes:

BBQ Branding Iron

Fun BBQ Branding Irons

Exclusive to Charcool: BBQ Branding Irons from Texas $39.95

Charcool Sausage Bloke

Invite a Sausage Bloke to your BBQ

Exclusive to Charcool: BBQ Rent-A-Crowd Sausage Blokes $19.95

Fathers Day BBQ Tool Set

Novel Accessories for Dad

A great gift for Dad - Just $39.95

BBQ gifts

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But most of all, while you are here....enjoy!