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How To Use A BBQ Branding Iron

Hot Tips for Using and Caring For Your Branding Iron

Texas Iron branding irons are made from food industry standard 304 Stainless Steel which is corrosion and rust resistant.

steak branding iron

1. How to fit the letters in your new brand.

When you make an impression with a hot branding iron it makes a reversed image on the food surface so when you insert your letters into the brand template, you always need to work right to left like this

steak branding iron

The letters are secured in the template by screwing the butterfly nuts through the two threaded holes in the back of the template. The letter in the middle is held in place by the letter on either side.

steak branding iron

Your letters will only slide into the template one way (portrait) but be careful not to get them upside down or back to front. If you are a bit spatially challenged, you can always check you have the letters loaded correctly by pressing the cold brand down on a piece of soft bread or dough before use.

steak branding iron

2. Heating the brand

You can heat your brand on a charcoal, electric or gas BBQ.

On a gas BBQ you heat the brand template by making some space between the grill and hotplate (or between grill sections) and placing the brand head on a burner. You can also heat the brand by exposing it to the flame of a wok burner if you have one.

steak branding iron

With solid fuel BBQs like kettles, place the brand head through the grill and bury in the coals when they have reached cooking temperature.

When you first use your brand you will find it takes some time to get the thick letters red hot and ready to make a good clear impression.

For the first few uses leave yourself at least 10-15 minutes for the letters to heat.

As time goes on and the brand becomes seasoned it will become hot quicker and you will only need 5 to 7 minutes heating time before use.

Obviously all BBQs and fuels are different so experimentation is part of the game.

Please, be very careful when using the branding iron that you don't touch any metal parts and if you have left the brand on the heat for a long while, take care that the wooden handle, whilst a good insulator, isn't too hot. Use an oven mitt if you are unsure.

3. Making a great Impression

As you know, you should only turn a steak once on the BBQ. When your steak is cooked to rare or medium on the first side, this is the queue to begin branding.

steak branding iron

Flip your steak and remove the brand from the heat source.

steak branding iron

Press the heated iron on the food using a side-to-side and top-to-bottom rocking motion. This keeps the brand from sticking to the meat which makes for a much cleaner impression.

steak branding iron

When your steak has cooked on the other side remove and serve.

Caring for Your Branding Iron

With it's stainless steel construction your branding iron is easily washed by hand in hot water with detergent. You can also wash it in a dishwasher but due to the more aggressive nature of the detergent and mechanical washing action, the paint on your handle may deteriorate over time.

This handle has had about 30 washes in a dishwasher.

It is also a good idea to spray the head with cooking (olive) oil after washing in a dishwasher.

Happy Branding