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State of Origin Series Branding Iron

2010 State of Origin Series BBQ Branding Irons There's nothing quite like the annual clash of Cockroachs vs Canetoads. 2010 Origin Timetable - Will

Sausage Bloke

Invite a "Sausage Bloke" to your next BBQ! Sometimes it gets a bit lonely at the hotplate catering for your mates while they're having a beer and


Rockin Dad BBQ Tool Set

Show Dad how much he rocks with this great Rockin' Dad Bar B Tool Set from Texas Irons. Perfect for Fathers Day!! Thrill the Grill-meister with this

Extra Brand Letters

Impose peace on the range by ordering extra letters to fit into your Texas Irons' branding iron. Texas Irons' "Heatbacker" technology means their


Rockin Dad Brand and Gift Box

Say "thanks" to Dad for his awesome cooking, with this fun twist on one of the Old West brands. Personalised for all the Dad's who sweat and toil in